According to Dr. Larry Wilson, infrared light therapy can benefit the following systems (Dr. Lawrence Wilson, Sauna Therapy p.18-19):

Kidneys: Blood is shunted away from the kidneys during sweating and directed toward the body surface. The kidney’s burden is less during sauna use as more water and toxins are eliminated through sweating.

Nervous System: Sympathetic inhibition occurs during sauna use. This reduces the fight-or flight response, strengthens the parasympathetic system and relaxes the central nervous system.

● Liver: By shunting blood to the surface, congestion of blood in the liver is reduced during sauna use. This enhances the liver’s detoxification ability. By reducing sympathetic nervous system activity, sauna use promotes bile secretion and emptying of the gall bladder.

● Spleen & Pancreas: Sympathetic nervous inhibition increases pancreatic secretion of enzymes and decreases insulin and glucagons secretion. Sauna use decreases the storage of blood in the spleen, as more blood is shunted to the surface. This helps decrease spleen congestion.

● Immune System: Sympathetic nervous inhibition enhances some aspects of immune system activity. Heating the body several degrees can enhance white blood cell activity and disables heat-sensitive microorganisms, assisting the elimination of many infections. Heating the body in a sauna may also produce heat shock proteins that are powerful immune system stimulators.

● Cardiovascular System: During a sauna session, the pulse and stroke volumes increase. Surface vessels dilate as blood is shunted from internal organs to the surface. Blood pressure usually remains the same or decreases during a session. Repeated sauna use helps decrease elevated blood pressure by enhancing elasticity of the arteries, removing toxins from the kidneys and helping to reduce excessive sympathetic nervous system activity.

Endocrine System: During sauna use, sympathetic inhibition causes decreased secretion of adrenal and thyroid hormones. This rests the glands. Blood sugar may decrease slightly. Insulin and glucagons secretion decrease. The removal of toxic substances benefits the entire endocrine system.

Digestive System: Sympathetic inhibition may activate the digestive system during sauna use. Elimination of toxins from the liver and gall bladder may cause the need for a bowel movement after or even during a sauna session. Ulcers, colitis and intestinal infections may be helped greatly by repeated heating and sympathetic inhibition.

Skin: Saunas cleanse the skin from the inside and promote soft, pliable skin. Saunas also promote the healing of many skin conditions including acne, dermatitis and eczema. Others may include scarring, keloids, psoriasis and poisoning from too much sun exposure. Results may take several weeks to several months or even a year or more. However, some have reported excellent results with adult acne and other conditions after just a few days use of an infrared lamp sauna.

Disclaimer: Sauna therapy is a way of enhancing circulation, decongesting internal organs and increasing the activity of the skin through the application of heat to the body. It is not a diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any health condition, nor is it intended to replace regular health care.

“I had the pleasure of using the Turbo Infrared Sauna and found it to be quite effective. The small size in no way predicts it’s more than ample output. It can easily rival the larger room units making it a great value. This is an extremely nice addition to the available adjuncts for detoxification.”

Rey Ximenes MD
The Pain and Stress Management Center
Austin, TX 78746